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 About US

Insistence on providing high-quality products, sustainable supply with competitive price which has rapidly facilitated Tailam to become one of the leading hardwood importers and distributors in China.

Our products have outreached into various timber manufacturing sectors including flooring, furniture, doors, staircase, decking, and construction related projects.

We supply only quality hardwood.


Tailam International (HK) Co., Ltd. (Tailam) is an internationally renowned timber trading company headquartered in Hong Kong, supported by sales offices and warehouses in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces in China. Our insistence on providing quality products, sustainable supply and competitive price has rapidly facilitated Tailam to become one of the leading hardwood importers and distributors in China.


Our extensive sourcing channels have outreached several continents, including  Africa - Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Central Africa, Ivory Coast, Mozambique; Central America - Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua; South America - Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Suriname;  South East Asia - Indonesia, Malaysia,  Myanmar, Laos, and PNG; Europe and USA. We procure logs and lumber products from tropical and temperate regions, import and distribute across Asia.


Accumulated with over 20 years of knowledge and experiences in the market, our Asia-wide distribution channels have accessed into various timber sectors, from flooring to furniture, door, staircase, decking, construction and antique furniture manufacturers, we supply with their timber needs. 


Specialized in exotic hardwood, tropical hardwood and temperate hardwood in various formats, our customers are supported with ready inventory that provides vast quantity, diverse  species and comprehensive specifications, which saved their time on waiting for overseas shipment and rapid their capital turnover, allow them to focus on finished product manufacturing and end market promotion.

Please contact our timber specialist if you wish to be our strategic partner.

We pay high attention to forest sustainability and source legality to help preserve a better planet


Love our planet
Respect the nature
Make better use of resources
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